Physical Therapy Treatment for Women's Health

Pelvic Pain
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions
Pre Natal
Post Partum

We Treat Women of All Ages
Women’s health in physical therapy addresses a variety of challenges that women face through life.  Women of all ages including the young, the child bearing, the menopausal and the elderly can benefit from this area of expertise.

This specialty can help you manage your health conditions or resolve them through education, proper care, treatment, and exercise.
What our patients are saying

"I came because of pregnancy induced prolapse and cystocele. I was debating whether to have a hysterectomy right away or to try PT first. I chose to try PT and so far it has been great.

The prolapse is no longer there and I don't urinate while coughing or sneezing. Besides the pelvic floor being in a better state, I physically feel better and I am so much stronger all together.

It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.  Lisa and her staff were fabulous and so caring.”
                                                      ~Angie D.
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