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Lower Back Pain
Back Pain is the most commonly treated condition at our clinic.  PT is performed to provide pain relief, calm down symptoms, restore structural stability, and strengthen your spinal column.  The most common site of back pain and injury is the the lower back since it bears the burden of bending, stooping, sitting and lifting.

Neck Pain
The second most frequently treated condition in spine care is Neck Pain.

We will plan a treatment regimen suited to your individual problem, and begin working to restore flexibility and ease discomfort. Treatment may include heat, cold, massage, traction, and exercises for relaxation, conditioning, and restoring range of motion.
What our patients are saying

“I came in having trouble getting in & out of chairs etc., but after just the 3rd visit I felt dramatically better.

I haven’t had to take any pain meds for my back in weeks. I’ve learned great stretches & exercises to help me maintain my flexibility and it’s been good to get back into an exercise routine.

I appreciate the whole staff at Azhar for providing a comfortable environment and just helping I feel like myself again. Thanks!!”
                                                 ~Michael M.
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