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Azhar Personal Training
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Azhar Therapy & Fitness is an independent outpatient physical therapy provider & personal training studio located in NW Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


We provide personalized and skilled Orthopedics (knee & shoulder problems), Spine Care (neck & back pain), Women's Health (pelvic pain & urinary incontinence), Balance & Fall, and Work Rehab.

We also specialize in Personal Training programs that focus on body-composition, health and performance. Our recipe for success includes strength routines, nutrition planning, and staying dedicated while having fun.
Azhar PT
Azhar Therapy & Fitness
3410 NW 135th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73120

(405) 752-7377  phone
(405) 752-7387  fax
Est. 1996
Oklahoma City
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Personal Training
Call 405-752-7377 to schedule an appointment.
Monday - Friday  8am - 5pm