Endless Pool
Early Start for Painful Conditions
Aquatic therapy gives you an early start on addressing pain, discomfort, and reduced range of motion when land therapy may be too stressful.  Specifically designed aquatic programs are implemented to meet a wide variety of conditions that include:

Back Injuries & Surgeries
Pain Management
Musculoskeletal Sprains & Strains
Sports-related Injuries
Balance Disorders
Post-operative Conditions

Our Own Endless Pool
Aquatic therapy is a great way to supplement land based exercise programs. We develop programs for the pool designed for your needs, using adjustable water current and underwater exercise equipment at our own "Endless Pool" facility - you gain the benefits of land exercise without suffering from the compression and impact forces that occur with gravity on dry land.
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What our patients are saying

"When I started PT I was still on crutches after surgery.

I feel like the treatments have brought me back to most of the activities and range of motion that I had prior to surgery. I have gained back a lot of my strength. I think there is still a ways to go until full recovery, but with the knowledge of what to do; I think I’ll be able to continue on my own.

I think the staff here at Azhar has been wonderful! They have made my treatments here as pleasant as they could be. Thanks to all of you that have worked with me. Your knowledge, expertise and kindness are greatly appreciated."                                                                          ~Patricia H.
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